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A professional mariner representing those injured on the water.

About Leeward Law

Leeward Law knows maritime law.

At Leeward Law, we practice maritime law with a deep understanding of the industry and the regulations that govern it. Attorney Patrick O'Connor is a USCG licensed maritime officer and experienced maritime lawyer who uses his real world experience to advocate for his clients. With his extensive background in maritime law and experience in the industry, Patrick is uniquely positioned to help clients with their legal needs.

Leeward Law is dedicated to providing the highest level of legal counsel for all your maritime needs. Speak with an attorney with a deep understanding of maritime law and first hand knowledge of vessel operations. Our goal is to provide our clients with effective and reliable legal counsel tailored to their specific needs.

Injured in a maritime accident?

Maritime laws are unique and substantially different from the laws that apply to injuries that occur on land. There are special rights and protections afforded to those injured on or near the water.

We are dedicated to providing superior legal services and helping our clients get the compensation they deserve. Your rights matter and Leeward Law is here to advocate for you.
Introducing our law firm
Cargo Ship at Port
Leeward Law  is here to help.
Consultations are no obligation, free and confidential. 
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