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Cruise Ship and
Ferry Passenger Injuries

Whether you are 10 miles out to sea or still tied up to the dock, if you are injured aboard a cruise ship or ferry your claim will be governed by federal maritime law. Maritime law falls under the federal courts’ admiralty jurisdiction and has its own distinct case law and statutes with unique remedies.


Vessel operators will vigorously oppose your lawsuit and a competent defense attorney will immediately have your claim removed from state court to federal court. This will require you to hire an experienced maritime injury attorney, one who knows the ins and outs of maritime law and has tried cases in the federal court system. 

Ship Deck

If you or a loved one were injured aboard a cruise ship or ferry contact an experienced maritime injury attorney at Leeward Law for a free consultation. Leeward Law has experience litigating passenger injury claims.

Call an experienced maritime attorney as you may be entitled to recover damages under federal maritime law.

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