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Discrimination and Hostile Work Environment Claims

It is a sad truth that discrimination in the workplace occurs at sea just like it does ashore. These claims are somewhat difficult to prosecute as they tend to involve a blend of State and Federal Laws and most employers do not retain documentation of their discriminatory actions. 


First and foremost, in order to bring a claim against your employer for discrimination your employer must have made a discriminatory action. A discriminatory action is an action which has negative consequences and was made on the basis of a persons’ race, religion, gender or disability. Examples of discriminatory actions are refusal to hire, the firing of, or treating employees differently based on race, religion, gender or disability.

A Port Worker

If you feel you have been harassed or discriminated at work on the basis of your race, religion, gender or a protected disability please call an experienced maritime attorney at Leeward law for a free consultation.


Consultations are free and confidential. Leeward Law is here to help you.

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